Ben in Turkey
Ben in Turkey - 2008

Ben Roberts

Welcome to Ben Roberts' web page. This page is currently under development and eventually will contain additional items of interest.

The photo below on the left is Ben in Geneva in the summer of 1985.
After years of experience of leaning against European posters, the photo on the right was taken in Geneva in 1999, 14 years later.

Ben Roberts up against the wall in Geneva - 1985
A very young Ben
Geneva 1985

Ben Roberts up against the wall in Geneva - 1999
A somewhat older Ben
Geneva 1999

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Please visit Ben Roberts' "Worldwide Ace" blog.
Because a true Ace is needed everywhere...

Ben & Friends in Guam
Ben & Friends in Guam

Ben in Colorado - 2011
Ben in Colorado

Ben & Paula in Colorado
Ben & Paula in Colorado

Ben at Eldora 2010
Ben at Eldora
November 2010

Business Card

Ben - November 2011
Ben in Colorado
November 2011

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