A Cat by Any Other Name…



Amelia is a small black cat, but she has a very long full name:











                                                  Schlemelia of Montpelier.  


She also has a number of distant cousins.  Here is a list of some of them and their widely varied careers and notable achievements:


Eudelia                       As very skillful poker player, she won several million dollars playing ‘Texas Holdem’ on-line.  Retired to a small fishing village on the Mediterranean where she wrote an autobiography titled On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Cat.


N. Joy Eurmelia          Proprietor of the famed ‘Café Le Chat Noir’ in Montmartre.


Concelia                      Not much is known about this cat.  She is believed to have worked for CIA covert operations.


Appelia                      The only cat ever to present arguments before the United States Supreme Court.


Resealia                      As part of the effort to create the Zip-Lok™ closure, she worked as the ‘test cat’ and was repeatedly let out of the bag.


Uppa Treelia              Developed the first professional training program for firemen in the humane use of aerial rescue techniques.


Ahphelia                     Member of the Payne household, she inspired Bill Clinton’s oft cited empathetic remark, “Ahphelia Payne.”


Congealia                    Former spokes-cat for General Foods’ Jello™ brand gelatin dessert.  Best known for her recipe for sardines in aspic.


V. Healia                     Popularized ‘ecstatic kneading’ as a message technique at the famous mineral springs in Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany.


Pleisnellia                   Personal feline assistant to the Pope.


E. C. Peelia                  Nicknamed ‘Clementine’, she worked for a major Spanish citrus exporter.


Annelia                       Studied metallurgy at M.I.T. and went on to develop the modern metallic mouse-trap spring.


Revealia                     Well-know magician’s cat who, to the delight of audiences, would appear from behind the curtain at the end of every performance and take credit for the illusions.


Surelia                       Collaborated with Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel on the film ‘Un Chien Andalou.’  (The film was to have been called ‘Un Chat Andalou but for a falling out with Dali during the last weeks of production.)


Arlweelia                    Worked in an assisted-living facility, cheerfully helping elderly residents get to and from various activities.


Memorabelia               Assisted the curator of historic collections for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York by keeping the museum free of outfield mice.


Yorfreelia                  Said to have inspired Abraham Lincoln to draft the Emancipation Proclamation.


Evan Keelia                 As part of the American crew aboard the Ranger, helped defeat the British boat Endeavor II in the 1937 Americas’ Cup race.


Cerealia                      A constant companion to W. K. Kellogg, she was the first to suggest using a tiger to promote sugar-coated corn flakes.  The rest is history.


SqueekyOuillia         Appeared on Oprah, mewing incessantly, thus starting a national craze for fish oil as a tasty and healthful treat.


Matzamelia                 Famous Israeli cat who heroically defended the bakers of Bnei-Brak against attacks by terrorist mice. 


Pedofealia                   An embarrassment to the family, she was accused of ‘inappropriate licking’ and fired from the church where she worked as a mouser.



Important disclosure:  Amelia was unavailable to sit for a photograph, so the photo above is of ‘Spike’ from knitting expert Shannon Okey a/k/a knitgrrl