The Barta Family in Italy
A Photo Album

Here are some photographs of Barta family members during their
trip to Italy in July of 1999.

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The Dome of St. Peter at the Vatican. (size 60k)
Lynn and John Barta with Paula Barta and Will Roberts on the roofdeck in Rome, with the Vatican in the background. (size 59k)
Paula Barta and Will Roberts at the Canal Reggio in Venice. (size 54k)
A sunset in Venice... (size 52k)
...and another sunset in Venice. (size 69k)
Will Roberts stands by a Roman mile marker on the Old Appian Way just outside of Rome. (size 73k)
A tired Paula Barta pauses in one of the picturesque small alleys of Venice. (size 54k)
Paula and Will at the famed Spanish Steps in Rome. (size 66k)

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